Module 5. Priority Setting and Resource Allocation

Planning CHATT


To prepare Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Part A planning council/planning body (PC/PB) members for active and informed participation in priority setting and resource allocation (PSRA). This module provides the information needed by new PC/PB members and other individuals who have not previously participated in an annual PSRA process, including the purposes, importance, components, and processes related to Part A PSRA.

Content Overview

  • Legislative Language
  • HRSA/HAB Expectations for PSRA
  • Importance of PSRA
  • HRSA/HAB Expectations for Priority Setting
  • Sound Practices in Priority Setting
  • Steps in Priority Setting
  • Purposes and Examples
  • HRSA/HAB Expectations: Do’s and Don’ts
  • Developing Directives
  • After a Directive is Approved
  • HRSA/HAB Expectations for Resource Allocation
  • Approaching Resource Allocation
  • Steps in Resource Allocation
  • Factors to Consider
  • Committee-based Models
  • Full PC/PB-based Models
  • Timing of Reallocation
  • Preventing “Unobligated” Funds
  • HRSA/HAB Expectations for Reallocation
  • Managing Reallocation

Materials for this Module

  Module 5: Notes for Trainers
  PowerPoint Slides: Priority Setting and Resource Allocation
  Activity 5.1: Quick Scenarios to Apply Knowledge
  Activity 5.2: Updating Service Priorities
  Activity 5.3: Developing Directives
  Activity 5.4: Allocating Resources
  Activity 5.5: Reallocation
  Quick Reference Handout: Understanding Part A-fundable Service Categories
  Quick Reference Handout: Directives

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