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Integrating Buprenorphine Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder in HIV Primary Care

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This intervention is part of the Dissemination of Evidence-Informed Interventions project—the first SPNS project of its kind to apply a rigorous implementation science approach and evaluate intervention replication and fidelity of evidence-informed intervention models across the country.

This buprenorphine intervention has been informed and adapted from the best practice findings of a past SPNS initiative that yielded successful HIV care continuum outcomes among client participants.

A Substance Use + Public Health Intervention

Buprenorphine treatment delivered in HIV clinics is associated with decreased opioid use, increased antiretroviral use, higher quality of HIV care, and higher quality of life.

Replication Package Resources

These evidence-informed intervention resources were developed to support interested sites in replicating this intervention and the necessary implementation processes.

Training to Implement

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