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Transitional Care Coordination: From Jail Intake to Community HIV Primary Care

prison fence

This intervention is part of the Dissemination of Evidence-Informed Interventions project—the first SPNS project of its kind to apply a rigorous implementation science approach and evaluate intervention replication and fidelity of evidence-informed intervention models across the country.

This transitional care coordination intervention has been informed and adapted from the best practice findings of a past SPNS initiative that yielded successful HIV care continuum outcomes among client participants.

A Jail + Public Health Intervention

Jails concentrate marginalized individuals with a range of social and health problems into one place. Jails offer a window of opportunity to intervene and connect with this otherwise hard-to-reach population. Collaborations between public health agencies, community-based organizations, and jail health services have implications for public health and safety efforts and have been proven to facilitate linkage to care after incarceration.

Replication Package Resources

These evidence-informed intervention resources were developed to support interested sites in replicating this intervention and the necessary implementation processes.

Training to Implement

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