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Oral Health Professionals

Oral health professionals (e.g., dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants) deliver dental care to Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) patients under various RWHAP funding streams, particularly Part F Dental Programs. Resources on this website include curricula, tools and best practices to enhance the skills of staff in delivery of dental care to people living with HIV (PLWH).

Basics for Oral Health Professionals

  • New the RWHAP? Learn about the RWHAP Parts, including Part F Dental Programs. These pages bring together information targeted to the Part(s) that support your work.

TA and Training Priorities

  • Oral Health Care - resources on delivering dental care to PLWH--part of the broader Medical Services collection on outpatient medical care, antiretroviral therapy, adherence and other topics.
  • Clinical Quality Management - HRSA's standards and tools and resources to measure and improve performance, including oral health care.
  • Key Populations - Cultural competency, and Population-specific resources to help providers to tailor programs that are supportive of their patient populations

Key Resources

Guidelines and Manuals

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB)
    September 2017

    Performance measures to help Ryan White HIV/AIDS programs monitor and improve the quality of care they deliver.

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB)
    December 2013

    These resources provide information for planning oral health programs for target audiences that include HIV, primary care, and dental providers interested in expanding or replicating innovative models of oral health care for PLWHA.

Webinars and Training

Reports and Best Practices