Clinical Quality Management Technical Assistance

HRSA's HIV/AIDS Bureau provides targeted, time limited technical assistance for clinical quality management to Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP), with a new focus on RWHAP recipients as well as, for the first time, RWHAP subrecipients. The three areas of TA and training are outlined below. HRSA is providing TA/training in the first two areas while TA/training in the third area, quality improvement, is provided by the Center for Quality Improvement and Innovation (CQII), working in concert with HRSA project officers. All TA/training requests are handled using the below Clinical Quality Management (CQM) Request TA form.

TA and Training Services

Clinical quality management TA is modeled after the three components of a good quality management program as defined by Clinical Quality Management Policy Clarification Notice 15-02 (CQM PCN 15-02), as described on this page. (See also Frequently Asked Questions for Policy Clarification Notice 15-02.) The HRSA HAB Clinical Quality Management Branch will be handling infrastructure and performance measurement. CQII's focus is on structure and implement quality improvement projects. 

  • Clinical quality management infrastructure. This includes the components required to plan, implement, and evaluate a clinical quality management program.
  • Performance measurement. Performance measurement is the process of collecting, analyzing, and reporting data regarding patient care, health outcomes on an individual or population level, and patient satisfaction.
  • Quality improvement. Quality improvement entails the development and implementation of activities to make changes to the program in response to the performance data results.

Technical assistance can take any of the following forms.

  • Group. At the same time, multiple RWHAP grant recipients and subrecipients receive guidance regarding their clinical quality management programs and activities.
  • One-on-one. One RWHAP grant recipient or subrecipient receives guidance regarding their clinical quality management programs and activities.
  • Training. Multiple people from one or more RWHAP grant recipient or subrecipient receive instruction on specific clinical quality management concepts and activities. 

Request Assistance

Please complete the CQM Technical Assistance Request Form.

The HRSA HAB Clinical and Quality Branch (within the Division of Policy and Data) staff will contact you within three business days after receiving your technical assistance request to discuss next steps. 

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