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Performance Measurement

The HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau's performance measure portfolio is a set of standardized measures aligned with milestones along the HIV care continuum. Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipients are encouraged to use them, including the core performance measures, which completed the rigorous National Quality Forum infectious disease endorsement process. 

Resources 12

Guidelines and Manuals

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB)
    December 2019

    Performance measures to help Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program agencies monitor and improve the quality of care they deliver.

  • Center for Quality Improvement and Innovation (CQII)
    February 2007

    Tool for designing trainings on quality improvement in HIV care.

  • New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute
    January 2006

    Explanation of the purpose of the HIVQUAL Model and key tasks for completing each of its Program and Project Cycles. 

Webinars and Training

Tools and Job Aids

  • Center for Quality Improvement and Innovation (CQII)
    August 2019

    Combined Model for Improvement and PDSA Cycle worksheet.