Financial and Human Resources Inventory

IHAP TA Center

Selected Sections

The following four sections are examples of strong financial and human resources inventories developed by jurisdictions. Each document contains a cover sheet with the jurisdiction information and why the section was identified as exemplary.

Selection Criteria

Exemplary Financial and Human Resources Inventory sections met the following criteria (based on the Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan Guidance):

Includes amount of financial resources from both private/public funding sources

Description of how resources are being used and which components of HIV prevention program or HIV Care Continuum is/are impacted

Description of Workforce capacity including what resources/services are missing/lacking and steps to address

Plans with particularly strong aspects-- such as excellent visuals or a section description that went into more detail than the CDC/HRSA guidance outlined-- were chosen to be featured.

Please note that those featured do not include all financial and human resources inventory sections of Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plans that are exemplary.