Ryan White and Latino/a AIDS Awareness Day


Nearly one-fourth (24.1%) of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) clients are Hispanic/Latino, according to the 2021 RWHAP Annual Client-Level Data Report (HRSA, 2022). Of the more than half a million clients served by the RWHAP, three-fourths are racial and ethnic minorities.

The vast majority of RWHAP clients have achieved viral suppression and are managing their HIV disease. Rates of viral suppression among RWHAP clients receiving HIV medical care have improved dramatically from 2010-2021 (69.9% to 89.7%).

Parallel improvements have been realized among Hispanic/Latino RWHAP clients (73.6% to 91.4%) and all other RWHAP populations.

Latinos represented 29% of new HIV diagnoses in the United States in 2019, with most cases being among Latino gay and bisexual men (CDC, 2022).

TA and Training Resources

Access TA and training resources for Latino populations in the Hispanic/Latino topic page as well as the full collection of materials in Spanish. Highlights include:

  • The Best Practices Compilation includes multiple tested HIV interventions targeting Latinos, including Proyecto Promover to enhance early care engagement among Mexicanos with HIV; Pay it Forward to increase workforce capacity to connect Puerto Ricans with HIV to community-based HIV care and social supports following release from jail; and tailored motivational interviewing. 
  • The Bilingual/Bicultural Care Team Intervention to connect people to HIV care is a product of the Center for Innovation and Engagement (CIE), a HRSA-funded Special Project of National Significance (SPNS). All CIE intervention tools are in English and Spanish.
  • Videos educativos para mujeres de color con el VIH is a series of patient-focused videos, prepared by HRSA's Dissemination of Evidence Informed-Interventions Project (DEII).
  • Health coverage enrollment Resources for Consumers, including materials in Spanish, were developed by HRSA's ACE TA Center. 

Continuity of Care: U.S.-Mexico Border AETC Steering Team (UMBAST)

This collaborative project spans the four U.S. states that border Mexico, and provides onsite training for border clinicians and community health workers (in English and Spanish). UMBAST has also produced care continuity resources to assist providers with patients returning to Mexico and Central America, or those with patients detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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Recursos online que apoyan a los programas que prestan servicios de Ryan White para VIH/SIDA a poblaciones necesitadas.