Estimating Unmet Need

Update to the Unmet Need framework for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Part A and Part B recipients, by HRSA's HIV/AIDS Bureau. RWHAP Part A and Part B recipients will be required to submit Unmet Need estimates using the updated methodology in FY 2022 as part of their applications. Listed resources are to assist recipients with the successful implementation of the new methodology, which was developed given improvements in the availability and quality of data used to estimate unmet need. 

Training Modules

  • IHAP TA Center

    Guide to help HIV care and prevention planning groups with development of their Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plans, covering the stages of integrated planning, exemplary examples, and health department changes to enhance care/prevention integration.


Conference Presentations

District of Columbia Department of Health
Ebony Fortune, Clover Barnes, Peter DeMartino, Ashley Yocum
2020 National Ryan White Conference on HIV Care & Treatment

Technical Assistance

  • HRSA recipients' first point-of-contact for managing federal grants and accessing training and technical assistance.