RWHAP Data Support

RWHAP Data Support responds to questions for the RSR, ADR, HIVQM, PTR, AETC, DSR, GCMS,  and the EHE Triannual Module.

Contact RWHAP Data Support

Phone: 1-888-640-9356
Hours: 10am-6:30pm ET, M-F
Email: RyanWhiteDataSupport
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General Information

Data Support offers TA and support to the RWHAP community on the following data report submissions:

Technical Assistance

RWHAP Data Support can assists recipients/subrecipients with:

  • Setting up Grantee Report contract lists in the RSR Web System
  • Amending Grantee Reports after the final Grantee Report submission deadline
  • Requests to return Provider Reports to ‘Working’ status in the RSR Web System
  • Requests for provider registration codes
  • Adding a new organization to the RSR Web System provider directory
  • Requests to un-duplicate agencies in the RSR Web System provider directory

Training Services

In addition to offering assistance over the phone and via email, Data Support provides training on the submission of reports through regularly scheduled webinars, which will be listed on the Calendar.

Contact Information

Project Contacts:

Rachel Gross, PhD
Project Director

HRSA Contacts:

PO Name
John Milberg


Funding Mechanism: TA Contract

Recipient Organization: WRMA (Prime); CSR (Sub); and Mission Analytics (Sub)

Project Period: 9/26/22 - 9/25/26