RWHAP Data Support

RWHAP Data Support responds to questions for the CDR, RSR, ADR, EHE Triannual Module, and Part A MAI.

Support Desk

Phone: 1-888-640-9356
Hours: 10am-6:30pm ET, M-F
Email: RyanWhiteDataSupport

TA and Training Services

RWHAP Data Support is on hand to guide RWHAP recipients/subrecipients through the details of reporting, including:

  • Interpretation of the RSR Instruction Manual and HAB’s reporting requirements
  • Allowable responses to data elements of the RSR Grantee Report, Provider Report, and client-level file
  • Policy questions related to the data reporting requirements
  • Data-related validation questions
  • Recipient-provider relationships and the implications for data reporting

RWHAP Data Support also assists recipients/subrecipients with:

  • Setting up Grantee Report contract lists in the RSR Web System
  • Amending Grantee Reports after the final Grantee Report submission deadline
  • Requests to return Provider Reports to ‘Working’ status in the RSR Web System
  • Requests for provider registration codes
  • Adding a new organization to the RSR Web System provider directory
  • Requests to un-duplicate agencies in the RSR Web System provider directory

Contact Information