Bilingual/Bicultural Care Team Intervention


The Bilingual/Bicultural Care Team includes three Latinx providers: an HIV primary care provider, peer educator, and RWHAP case manager. This team provides comprehensive culturally and linguistically appropriate HIV primary care and services to Hispanic and Latinx people with HIV who speak Spanish as their primary language.

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Intervention Outcomes

Outcomes from the intervention conducted in Kansas City, MO include:

  • An increase in client appointments from a mean of 2.81 visits to 5.30 visits, and
  • A 31.5 percent increase in viral load suppression rate.

Intervention Components

  • Assess Staff Resources
  • Secure Stakeholder Buy-in
  • Engage and Work with Community/Service Partners
  • Recruit Bilingual and Bicultural Staff
  • Train Staff and Facilitate Knowledge Exchange
  • Engage and Retain Latinx people with HIV

Cost Analysis

Total Annual Costs: $330,621.90

Avg. Cost Per Client: $3,884.44

Avg. Personnel Cost Per Client: $2,200

Challenges and Solutions



Limited Provider Availability

Hire bilingual and  bicultural providers who are available ≥ 3 days per week.

Meeting Client’s Behavioral Health Care Needs

Budget to include a bilingual, bicultural mental health care provider on the team or partner with local providers.

Client Eligibility

Use copayment assistance programs, a sliding payment scale, or discounts to serve people who are ineligible for RWHAP services.

Contacting Clients

Develop a data sharing agreement with your local health department so you can cross-check their records for clients’ contact information.

Timely Receipt of Lab Reports

An in-house lab and phlebotomist can increase processing time.

Supplementary Resources

Example Cost Analysis Tool for Users of Bilingual/Bicultural Care Team Intervention (PPTX)

For intervention materials, contact Maithe Enriquez ([email protected])
University of Missouri, S327 Sinclair School of Nursing, Columbia, MO 65211



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