Bilingual/Bicultural Care Team Intervention


The Bilingual/Bicultural Care Team includes three Latino providers: an HIV primary care provider, peer educator, and RWHAP case manager. This team provides comprehensive culturally and linguistically appropriate HIV primary care and services to Hispanic/Latino people with HIV who speak Spanish as their primary language.



Implementation Resources

Implementation Guide

Guía de Implementación

Intervention Outcomes

Outcomes from the intervention conducted in Kansas City, MO include:

  • Client appointments increased from a mean of 2.81 visits per year to 5.30 visits per year
  • Clients who met treatment guideline criteria for antiretroviral therapy experienced a 31.5% increase in viral suppression

Intervention Components

  • Assess Staff Resources
  • Secure Stakeholder Buy-in
  • Engage and Work with Community/Service Partners
  • Recruit Bilingual and Bicultural Staff
  • Train Staff and Facilitate Knowledge Exchange
  • Engage and Retain Latino people with HIV

Cost Analysis

Total Annual Costs: $330,621.90

Avg. Cost Per Client: $3,884.44

Avg. Personnel Cost Per Client: $2,200

Challenges and Solutions



Limited Provider Availability

Hire bilingual and bicultural providers who are available ≥ 3 days per week.

Meeting Client’s Behavioral Health Care Needs

Budget to include a bilingual, bicultural mental health care provider on the team or partner with local providers.

Client Eligibility

Use copayment assistance programs, a sliding payment scale, or discounts to serve people who are ineligible for RWHAP services.

Contacting Clients

Develop a data sharing agreement with your local health department so you can cross-check their records for clients’ contact information.

Timely Receipt of Lab Reports

An in-house lab and phlebotomist can increase processing time.

Supplementary Resources




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