end+disparities ECHO Collaborative

Note: This initiative has ended.

The end+disparities ECHO Collaborative is a national initiative to reduce health disparities among four disproportionately affected HIV subpopulations: 

  • MSM of color

  • African American and Latina women

  • Transgender people

  • Youth aged 13-24

The 18-month collaborative aims to increase viral suppression rates in these four groups and to increase local quality improvement capacity. Participants help create a national community of learners from diverse program types, settings, and geographic locations. The initiative is managed by the Center for Quality Improvement & Innovation (CQII), funded by the HRSA Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) and developed using the Project Extension for Community Health Outcomes (ECHO) model. 


Call to Action

This end+disparities video highlights HIV care disparities and explains how we can work together to eliminate them. Share the video with your colleagues and join other HIV providers across the country for our upcoming national collaborative.

Did You Know?

  • Men who have sex with men are 46 times more likely to have HIV than other men.
  • Youth (ages 13-24) are 5 times more likely to have HIV than people older than 25.
  • Transgender women are 50 times more likely to have HIV than other adults.
  • African American women are 20 times more likely to have HIV than white women.

See the literature review and kick-off slides in our Resources for more data on HIV health disparities.