CQII Technical Assistance Call Series

  • Process & Step Metrics in a Value Stream Map
    June 2021
    This webinar will explain the Lean Value Stream Map (VSM), and the components of the VSM. Processes have many moving parts and by carefully mapping and analyzing them, you can streamline your service to people with HIV.
  • Process Flow: Mapping and Analysis
    June 2021
    This webinar will explain flow mapping using Lean concepts to understand a process and how to map it. It is the first of a two part series which will culminate in understanding the Lean Value Stream Map..
  • Driver Diagrams, Part II
    May 2021
    This webinar will review recipient-provided driver diagrams. The driver diagrams submitted by recipients inform discussion about how they were constructed and also provided feedback.
  • Driver Diagrams, Part I
    April 2021
    This webinar will give you a better idea of how to properly construct a driver diagram. We discuss primary and secondary drivers, how driver diagrams fit into the Model for Improvement, and how change concepts are derived.
  • Tool Time!
    March 2021
    This webinar will give you a better idea of how to properly use some of the seven tools of quality. Our learning objectives are: 1. Capturing your data; 2. Using common charts correctly; 3. Their use as a communication tool
  • Choosing an Improvement Project
    October/December 2020
    This is a series of four lessons to guide users on the major steps involved in selecting and conducting an improvement project using the Model for Improvement and Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycles. Each lesson can be taken as a stand-alone refresher or all can be utilized as a basic training program.
  • CQII Disparities Calculator
    December 2020
    The CQII Disparities Calculator is a power analytic tool to help you define if, and where, health disparities exist in your client base. All you need is your data and an inquiring mind to determine which populations do not have equal health outcomes – such as viral suppression – as their peers.
  • Using Teams in Quality Improvement 
    January 2020
    This webinar discusses teams and their usefulness in your clinical quality management program. We explore some different team structures. We also offer a tool to help you choose the right team members. Along with an exercise you can undertake at your organization to prove the value of the team concept.
  • Histogram Learning Lab
    November 2019
    This Learning Lab event examined the use of histograms and offered instruction into building a proper histogram.
  • The National HIV/AIDS Strategy and Quality Improvement
    June 2019
    This webinar takes a deeper look at the progress of the NHAS. Specifically how consumers can be involved with implementing the NHAS through clinical quality management.
  • Lean Tools
    May 2009
    This focused lesson looks at some of the tools available that are identified as Lean tools.
  • Health Numeracy
    May 2009
    This presentation assists individuals in truly understanding the meaning of the numbers they are presented with on a daily basis.