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CQII Technical Assistance Call Series

  • Using Teams in Quality Improvement 
    January 2020
    This webinar discusses teams and their usefulness in your clinical quality management program. We explore some different team structures. We also offer a tool to help you choose the right team members. Along with an exercise you can undertake at your organization to prove the value of the team concept.
  • Choosing an Improvement Project
    November 2019
    We will offer helpful ideas during the webinar to help you decide on an improvement project. CQII is also pleased to bring you presentations from the two winners of the 2019 CQII Quality of Care Awards for the Sustainable Clinical Quality Management Programs category.
  • Histogram Learning Lab
    November 2019
    This Learning Lab event examined the use of histograms and offered instruction into building a proper histogram.
  • Lean Tools
    May 2009
    This focused lesson looks at some of the tools available that are identified as Lean tools.
  • Health Numeracy
    May 2009
    This presentation assists individuals in truly understanding the meaning of the numbers they are presented with on a daily basis.