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Ryan White 2012 Presentations: Administrative Oversight

November 2012


Session NumberSession Title
A4Guidance to Using your EHR to Satisfy Reporting Requirements
A6Coordinating Data Movement into CAREWare: Experience From the Front Lines
A7Monitoring What Matters Institute: Developing a Quality Management Program in the NY EMA: 101 session
A8Improving the Quality and Effectiveness of Medical Case Management (MCM)
A9The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Guidance: A Model of Care Delivery for People Living With HIV
A10Guidance to Achieve NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home Recognition
A12HIV Integration 101: Driving Increased Access to Advance the National HIV/AIDS Strategy
A13Impact of DC Cross-Part Collaborative on DC ADAP Client Enrollment Process
A15It Takes One to Help One: The Role of Peer Navigation in Early Intervention Services
A16Reducing Hospital Readmissions: Methods, Process Evaluation, and Preliminary Outcomes
A18Early Intervention Services Guidance: Two Unique Models, Two Success Stories
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A20Web and Social Media Institute 101: Jumpstart the Conversation
A22Guidance to Developing Collaborations with Federally Qualified Health Centers
A24Guidance to Integrate Evaluation Into Programming Using Technology: Let Mobileweb and ARS Do the Work for You
A25Creating a Culture of Competency: Challenges and Application of Cultural Competency Standards
A26Defining, Extracting, and Using HIVQual and Meaningful Use in a Patient Centered Medical Home
A29HAB Grantee Satisfaction Survey: Results and Response
B1Guidance Using Online Evidence Based Needs Assessments to Plan, Fund, and Actualize Care and Prevention Services
B4Technical Assistance for Data Collection and Data Management for the RSR: The New York State Experience
B6Ryan White Program Data Technical Assistance: A View From the Unduplicated Window
B9The Patient Centered Medical Home Guidance: Lessons from Ryan White Grantees: 201 Session
B10AETC Telehealth Training Program: Advancing training through Telehealth Technology
B12HIV Integration 201: Driving Models for HIV Quality Care to Advance the National HIV/AIDS Strategy
B13Using and Monitoring Data to Improve Client Care
B14Readiness Technical Assistance for Health Insurance Participation by Ryan White Program Providers: The Time is Now!
B15Pilot testing a Spanish Patient Portal for Online Access to Electronic Health Records
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B16PCIP - Jumping into the High-Risk Pool
B18Oversight of the 12 Cities Project: How Coordination and Integration are Changing How We Fight HIV/AIDS
B20Web and Social Media Institute 201: Maximizing Your Impact
B24Guidance to Using the Peer Educator in Response to the National AIDS Strategy
B26Trilogy: Three Initiatives Working Together For Access to the HIV Continuum
B31Developing Cross Title Regional Collaboratives: Lessons Learned
B35Assessing the Potential Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program: Challenges, Opportunities, and Recommendations for Action
C4Guidance to Prepare CAREWare Users for the New ADAP Reporting Requirements
C6Are You on TARGET? How to Help Your Agency, Yourself, and the Ryan White Community by Going Online
C16Early Adoption of Healthcare Reform in Los Angeles County: Planning for the Migration of Ryan White Patients Into the New Low-Income Health Program
C24The Impact of Health Reform on Compliance Programs
D1Ryan White Part B Services Post Healthcare Reform -- One State's Experience
D3Technical Assistance Coordinating Care Across Funded Providers to Support Retention in Care: The In+Care Campaign in RI
D4Results From the SPNS Information Technology Networks of Care Initiative
D6Technical Assistance to Integrating Health Information Technology into your Quality Improvement Program
D7Monitoring What Matters Institute -- 201/301
D9The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Guidance: How Will We Know When We Get There? 301 Session
D10Monitoring the Intersection Between ADAP and PAPs in Addressing Unmet Treatment Needs of People Living with HIV
D11What Does It Take to Become an FQHC?
D12HIV Integration 301: Sustaining Access, Quality, and Equity to Advance the National HIV/AIDS Strategy
D14Introduction to Quality: Session 101: Quality Improvement 101 and Ryan White Legislative Requirements for Quality Management: I Am New to Quality Improvement -- Where Do I Start?
D15Evaluating and Monitoring the Impact of Medical Case Management Guidelines on HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment
D16Guidance for Effective Coordination of Care Across Settings for the Criminally Involved Living with HIV/AIDS: Integrated Services for Successful Reentry
D20Web and Social Media Institute 301: Measuring Value
D23Guidance to Creating a Culture for Quality: 101 Session: Supporting and Sustaining A Quality Management Program
D24Improving Access to HIV Care Under Health Care Reform
D26Change Agents: Impact of ACA and Medicaid Reform on Ryan White Part A Funded Services
D32HIV Patient Centered Medical Home Construction: A Multi-Site Experience
D34Guidance to Using Fotonovelas as a Health Literacy Tool to Educate Latinas on HIV/AIDS
E1FQHCs and FQHC Look-alikes: A Sustainable Business Model for RW Part C
E6Guidance for Preparing for the RSR: A Year- Long Approach
E8Strategies for Implementing Effective Compliance Programs
E14Introduction to Quality: 201 Session: Performance Measurement for Quality Improvement -- How to Get Started
E15From Hawaii to NYC: Two Guiding Stories of Successful EMR Health Information Exchange for the RSR, ADR, and QM
E16Access and Retention: County Jails and State Prisons Releasing HIV+ Ex-offenders to HRSA Grantees
E17Monitoring RSR Data Quality - 101
E19Virginia's Management of an ADAP Wait List
E20Making Data Count: California's Experience Implementing a Data Improvement Plan
E31You Will Never Have to Walk Alone: Bridging the Divide Between Faith-Based and Community Organizations
E32Minority AIDS Initiative Retention and Re-engagement in HIV Care Project
E33Moving Beyond Widgets: Using Evaluation Methods for Program Monitoring and Outcomes in HIV Care
F4Enrollment and Eligibility: Guidance to Manage the Patient Sliding Fee Scale and Cap on Charges
F5Linking CAREWare to the world of HIV/AIDS surveillance
F7Guidance to Creating a Culture for Quality: 201 Session: How to Work With your Subcontractors on Quality Management
F10The Ryan White Program and Health Care Reform
F14Introduction to Quality: 301 Session: Building a Sound Quality Management Infrastructure -- How to Manage the Quality Management Committee and Write Effective Quality Management Plans
F15Increasing HIV Testing: Overcoming Stigmas and Building Allies
F17Monitoring RSR Data Quality - 201
F18Oversight of a Patient Centered Infrastructure To Continuously Improve Patient Retention and Viral Load
F19EHB 101: Overview of New Components: How to Register and Navigate in EHB
F26Technical Assistance for the ADAP Data Report
F30EIS Summit: How to develop, replicate and refine an Emerging Service Category
F31Tiered Case Management Model in a Scattered Site Housing Program
F32HOPWA 101 and Impacts on RW Programs
F33Monitoring Ryan White Services Through Annual Evaluation of the Comprehensive Strategic Plan
F34Integrating Information Systems to Link and Coordinate Clinical, Support, and Housing Services
G1The Quest to Test: How to Implement HIV Testing in Your Facility: A Multidisciplinary Team Approach
G4Guidance in Improving RSR Quality using CAREWare
G5Enhancing Access to Oral Health Care Through: Education, Collaboration, and Advocacy
G6Effective Strategies for Conducting and Monitoring Eligibility Determination (ED)
G7Guidance to Creating a Culture for Quality: 301 Session: Improve Your Care and Services with Consumer Input and Participation
G10The Seven Elements of Effective Compliance Programs
G13Becoming a Federally Qualified Health Center
G14Evaluating a Ryan White quality Management Program Using Quantitative and Qualitative Method
G15Linkage to HIV Primary Care: Guidance in Coordinating the Pieces
G17Monitoring RSR Data Quality - 301
G18Guidance to Integrating Affordable Care Act, National HIV/AIDS Strategy, and Ryan White
G19EHB 201: Submitting Applications and Reports & Troubleshooting in EHB
G22The Magic of MAPP: A Fresh Framework to Guide Comprehensive Planning
G30Homelessness and Access to Care: Models for Integration of Ryan White and HOPWA Resources
G32Using the Collaborative Model to Forge a Statewide Consensus on Linkage and Retention Interventions
G33Measuring Client Satisfaction: Working Together to Standardize and Centralize the EMA Survey Process
G35The Affordable Care Act: Preparing Part B and ADAPs for Implementation

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