Employment Support for People with HIV

HIV agencies often focus on employment services--for people with HIV as well as their staff. For patients/consumers, employment support is increasingly crucial given the disproportionate impact of HIV on lower income individuals, who are living long and hopefully productive lives given the effectiveness of HIV treatment and care. Support may include, for example, job training, hiring of peers to work with clients (e.g., peer educators, peer navigators), and support for individuals transitioning from correctional facilities. 

See Program Management and the AETC NCRC Library for resources on workforce support on conducting services in new and innovative ways (e.g., via practice transformation training).

Best Practices


Conference Presentations

Alliance for Positive Change
Sharen Duke, Ramona Cummings, Eugene Eppes
2022 National Ryan White Conference on HIV Care & Treatment

Technical Assistance

  • ELEVATE will prepare people with HIV to meaningfully engage and take on leadership roles in planning bodies, advocacy actions, and the HIV workforce. Project period: 2020-2024.

  • Initiative documenting best practice strategies and interventions that have been shown to improve HIV outcomes in a "real world" setting and can be replicated by other programs. Project period: 2021-2024.