CQII Training of Quality Leaders Program (TQL)

Training Materials

Facilitator's Guide and Slide Set


RWHAP agencies face challenges in leading quality management activities programs, including unfamiliarity with quality improvement concepts, staff resistance to engage them in quality improvement projects, and a lack of team facilitation skills. The Training of Quality Leaders (TQL) Program aims to build the expertise and facilitation skills of quality managers and those who direct quality management programs to effectively lead and facilitate quality improvement activities.

Program Benefits

The benefits of successful TQL Program completion include:

  • Increased confidence and mastery in facilitating quality improvement teams and in effectively managing quality improvement-related meetings in HIV care environments.
  • Identification of leadership behaviors to lead an effective QM program and better understand their implications to lead quality improvement activities.
  • Exposure to quality improvement experts with practical knowledge and experience and to a network of peers with hands-on experiences.
  • Clear understanding of TQL Program expectations and planning of post-TQL action steps.

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