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The CQII Training on Coaching Basics (TCB) Program offers training to quality management leaders to build their capacity to coach other HIV providers to better their quality improvement programs. The aim of TCB is to increase the pool of competent quality improvement managers across all Parts of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) and build regional and grantee-wide capacity for quality improvement. Trained individuals would join a pool of expert HIV Improvement Coaches across the country, available to impart quality improvement training to other RWHAP agencies. The anticipated outcome of these efforts: better HIV care across the entire RWHAP care continuum.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

TCB provides training to staff in RWHAP-funded agencies who manage existing quality management programs. In selecting applicants, TCB prioritizes those individuals who are charged in assisting other agencies within their HIV/AIDS network with advancing their quality management programs and quality improvement activities. Prospective participants are expected to have successfully graduated from the Training-of-Trainer (TOT) Program or Training of Quality Leaders (TQL) Program.

Benefits for Participants

Successful graduates would become Improvement Coaches and would experience the following benefits:

  • Increased mastery of effectively coaching HIV providers and/or groups of HIV providers to establish and sustain effective quality management programs and quality improvement teams.
  • Enhanced ability to conduct organizational assessments, provide constructive feedback, and develop effective action plans based on assessment findings.
  • Improved confidence to understand behaviors and interventions that promote a systems approach to quality management using partnerships and shared vision, and to address resistance and conflict of individuals and groups to achieve agreed objectives.
  • Improved self-awareness of individual coaching style and of personal working style and limitations that may contribute to interpersonal tensions.
  • Increased understanding of different approaches to maintain team motivation while building self reliance.
  • Increased sophistication in addressing the tension between contract monitoring and coaching to improve HIV care since these functions often reside in the same office.

TCB Training

Training in the TCB program involves three phrases:

  1. Pre-Work Phase (5-6 hour time commitment). Potential participants are asked to complete a standardized screening tool to assess their coaching skills, prior coaching experiences, project management, QI knowledge, and participation in CQII-sponsored TOT/TQL Programs. Results are used to tailor the TCB training content. 
  2. TCB Session Phase (46+ hours). Participants attend a 3-day interactive skills-building workshop. Features include hands-on, real-world exercises; training to address pre-work assessment strengths and challenges as part of a forward-looking Personal Improvement Plan (PIP); and peer support in work with three other study group partners.
  3. Post-Work Phase (12-16 hours). Monthly telephone or by email exchanges with study group partners focus on completion of brief assignments. Graduates also take part in routine conference calls facilitated by staff and consultants. 


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