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These stories highlight people, programs, and topics to inspire and inform the Ryan White community.

  • August 2017

    Highlights from Laura W. Cheever, MD, ScM, HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau Associate Administrator and Conference Co-Chair

    The field of HIV/AIDS care and treatment continues to evolve rapidly. Groundbreaking developments in HIV research are regularly ...

  • Logo of National Quality Center
    July 2017

    The National Quality Center (NQC), a HRSA-funded cooperative agreement, has announced the winners of the 2017 Quality of Care Awards. Each year NQC receives a multitude of applications that show the sophistication of the quality improvement work...

  • July 2017

    From the National Quality Center (now called CQII), from an ongoing series of profiles of activities and insights from Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program agencies implementing clinical quality management.

    When it became a [Ryan White HIV/AIDS...

  • Three People at Computer
    March 2017

    CAREWare users are problem-solvers of a group kind. And they act pretty fast.

    In mid-January, there was a mini-flurry of concerns on the CAREWare listserv that client records were “disappearing” from the CAREWare database. Agencies...

  • Ryan White 2016 Meeting Logo
    February 2017

    Conference poster sessions are standard offerings at national meetings but, for some attendees, they get overlooked in the mix of workshops and plenaries and, well, eating and talking to colleagues. That’s why we are bringing a mini-recap of just...

  • RW Moving Forward Logo
    January 2017

    Any reasonably well functioning agency will have some type of new employee orientation. Ryan White agencies should put a premium on orientation given the amount of turnover in the HIV workforce. Add to that the passage of time and potential loss...

  • January 2017

    Cross-Posted from HIV.GOV Blog

    According to data from the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP), people living with HIV who are temporarily or unstably housed have lower rates of retention in care and viral suppression. A new $3.6 million,...

  • November 2016

    This is a cross-post of a cross-post: an HHS Blog found in the HIV.Gov Blog.

    When people have stable living conditions, it positively impacts their health. Programs across the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) recognize...

  • 2016 Ryan White Conference Logo
    November 2016

    These pages provide resources from the 2016 National Ryan White Conference on HIV Care and Treatment, held August 23-26 under the theme "Forward Momentum: Accelerating Access, Optimizing Care, Transforming Public Health." 

    See presentation...
  • 81% Viral Suppression Ryan White Clients 2014
    November 2016
    Day One

    One does not typically characterize advances in health care as moments to celebrate. While things may improve for many, the reality that not everyone is benefiting motivates us to continue our work. Such was the message, one of many really...

  • 73% of Ryan White clients are racial/ethnic minority persons
    November 2016
    Day Two

    Thousands of staff members from Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) sites across the nation reconvened for the Day 2 plenary panel of the national conference to learn more about how social determinants of health (e.g., poverty, lack of...

  • Ryan White Infographic 80% retained in care
    November 2016
    Day Four

    Here are the numbers from the 2016 national Ryan White Conference: 4 days; 190 workshops; 4 plenaries; 150 posters. Also available is a Clinical Pathway that is available online in case you missed it, and a call to action to end the...

  • November 2016

    The following is an interview by Dr. Laura Cheever, Associate Administrator for HRSA's HIV/AIDS Bureau, and Chair of the Clinical Pathway, held at the 2016 Ryan White Conference. Cheever outlined highlights from sessions held at the Clinical...

  • Ryan White Infographics Served by RW 2014 Data
    November 2016
    Day Three

    This plenary session, featuring CDC and RWHAP grant recipients, focused on innovation in HIV care, specifically the integration of HIV prevention and care and treatment systems and interventions, and RWHAP innovative approaches to...

  • HRSA USCA 2016 Program Book
    September 2016

    At USCA 2016, HRSA staff presented 11 sessions, including a HRSA Pathway track, and collaborated on other Pathways, including a handful of Secretary's Minority AIDS Initiative Fund (SMAIF) sessions. HRSA happenings at USCA 2016 are presented on...

  • Laura Cheever on Test and Treat
    August 2016

    This is a cross-post of a guest editorial by Dr. Laura Cheever, HRSA Associate Administrator for HIV/AIDS, from Leading with Race, National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC), 8/18/16.

    Rapid change does not typically drive progress in health care...

    April 2016

    The need for Spanish language and culturally-appropriate HIV resources is great as almost one-fourth of U.S. HIV/AIDS cases are among Hispanic individuals. On the TARGET Center site are dozens of Spanish language resources designed to help meet...