Using Training Guide Materials to Develop Orientation and Training for PC/PB Members

Planning CHATT

RWHAP planning councils/planning bodies are expected to provide orientation for new members and short training sessions throughout the year for all members, to help them to participate fully in PC/PB activities and complex HIV planning tasks. Most often, planning council support (PCS) staff are charged with developing and conducting these orientation and training sessions. This Supplement to the Training Guide walks through the process of using Training Guide materials to develop training sessions of varied lengths and types, including: an orientation for new members, a short training session for new committee leaders, and mini-training sessions lasting 20-60 minutes that can be used during full PC/PB or committee meetings. In addition to providing a step-by-step approach to planning training sessions that is applicable to most PC/PB training topics, the Supplement includes sample slide decks on specific topics, built from slide sets in the Training Guide.

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Training Guide Supplement: Orientation and Mini-Trainings