Module 10. Data-based Decision Making

Planning CHATT


To prepare Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Part A planning council/planning body (PC/PB) members to use data for decision making. The module is designed to ensure that PC/PB and committee members—especially those preparing for their first planning cycle—are familiar with the many types of data they will use to decide how RWHAP Part A funds should be allocated, and to improve services for all people with HIV (PWH) who depend on RWHAP services. This includes ensuring that they: 1) understand data sources and types, 2) can assess data quality and usefulness, and 3) are prepared to use these data in decision making related to all their PC/PB responsibilities: integrated/comprehensive planning, priority setting, resource allocation, development of directives, and improving service models and the system of care, so that appropriate services are available and accessible to all PWH throughout the EMA or TGA.

Content Overview

  • Importance of Data in RWHAP Planning
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Data Types and Sources
  • Assessing Data Quality and Usefulness
  • Triangulating Data from Multiple Sources
  • Data Reports and Formats
  • PC/PB Members as Advocates and Planners
  • Using Data to Carry Out Legislative Responsibilities
  • Using Data to Identify and Address Health Disparities
  • Dealing with Data Gaps

Materials for this Module

  Module 10: Notes for Trainers

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