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Module 8: PC/PB Structure and Governance

August 2019

Planning CHATT


This module is designed to provide an overview of how a PC/PB is structured and organized to meet federal requirements and local needs—through Bylaws, policies and procedures, legislatively defined and diverse membership, appropriate staffing, and a well-defined and productive relationship with the recipient. It focuses on legislative and HRSA/HAB expectations for PC/PB structure and membership, as well as sound practices for meeting those expectations.

Content Overview

  • PC/PB Structural Similarities and Differences
  • Bylaws
  • Policies and Procedures
  • PC/PB Support
  • Relationship with the Recipient
  • Membership Requirements
  • Recruiting and Supporting Members
  • Supporting Consumer Members

Materials for this Module

  Module 8: Notes for Trainers

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